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DescriptionARC is a youth theatre group, offering young people from the ages of 15 to 28 the opportunity to get involved in performance, artistic, technical and management roles in amateur theatre. In addition to performing a yearly musical production, we also run a regular, separate unaccompanied choir (called ARCappella), other performances and technical workshops. The ARC environment is engaging, supportive and proactive. New members are welcomed and provided with training and direction to develop skills. Those who wish to are encouraged to take on more challenging roles to deepen their involvement in the group. The social networks are as engaging and rewarding as the artistic performances. If you are between the ages of 15-28 and want to get involved in theatre or our ARCappella choir in a performance, technical, backstage, set construction or artistic role, get in touch with us. Check out the website for more information, give us a ring, get yourself on our mailing list and get involved. It's a lot of fun.
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DescriptionThe first seeds for what eventually became Catchment Players were sown in 1965 with the commencement of a very strong theatre program at Reservoir High School. The School became renowned statewide for the excellent standard of their musical productions. However, there were no local theatre groups operating in the northern suburbs, which led to students of Reservoir High School having to travel to the eastern suburbs to continue a career in the performing arts. Catchment Players was formed in 1975 when Michael Blake, a teacher at Reservoir High, convened a meeting for the purpose of forming a non-professional theatre group in the Preston/Reservoir area. The name "Catchment" was chosen to reflect its relationship to the School and area, ie "Catchment" is a "Reservoir". The aims were to encourage community interest in theatre and to provide a local outlet for ex-students of Reservoir High School. Initially Catchment was confined to ex-students of that school but within twelve months it became obvious that such a policy would inhibit the Group's progress. Since 1976, an amazing variety of people have passed through the Group, from all walks of life and backgrounds all over Victoria. Catchment has always sought to progress and to fulfil an important role in the community. In 1991 Catchment Singers was formed and a group of about 20 regular singers rehearsed every Thursday evening at the Senior Citizens Centre in Wright Street, Reservoir. Unfortunately due to various circumstances, Singers disbanded in October 2004. Catchment Kids was formed in 2000 to encourage and nurture the participation of our young talents in all facets of the Performing Arts. Over many years Catchment Players assisted with the planning and design of the Darebin Arts & Entertainment Centre on the corner of Bell Street and St. Georges Road, Preston. Each year Catchment performs two musicals. A Committee, which is elected annually, manages the company. The AGM is held in February. Catchment actively encourages all performers to assist in set building, painting, costumes, prop making and publicity. (Find us on Facebook)
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DescriptionGina has performed for a number of Council related functions, and has spent the last 10 years performing in musicals such as Cats, Mamma Mia, Witches of Eastwick, Beauty and the Beast and more. She is a versatile performer, singing music theatre, pop, jazz, and classical, and can perform either with a pianist, or a band if the need arises. She also performs regularly on Good Morning Australia and does Voice Over work around Melbourne.
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Description70's and 80's cover band
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