DescriptionPoetry, mainly life drawing, watercolours, oil painting, short stories, designing logos, drawing, pen & ink.
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DescriptionI am a 46 year old Northcote writer of funny and experimental fiction, poetry, performance poetry, short plays and zines. I am chief of local writing group The Word Addicts. My writing has been published in Australian and overseas journals and my spoken-word has appeared on CD anthologies and websites. In 2007, the Melbourne Poets Union published a chapbook of my poetry entitled Funny & Strange, and in 2009, Small Change Press will be publishing my poetry collection Impressions of me. I have been a featured reader at many readings and literary festivals over the past 14 years, locally and interstate. A journalist for The Age once described my style as ‘erratic, operatic and completely mesmerising. Edward Burger can make a smoky bar feel like the Berlin opera’. I do like to combine art-forms, such as opera with spoken-word. Many of my stories are illustrated and I dabble in visual and concrete poetry. My writing is weird, humorous, satirical, postmodern, surreal and/or anti-realist. My style and subject vary but I am frequently concerned with subverting notions of normality and promoting difference, portraying the collision of modern-day concerns through confused visions of the world, and I have a human vs environment obsession. I am currently seeking a publisher for a novel, novella and a number of short story collections.
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DescriptionI write prose (chief form, the novel) and poetry. I have occasionally read in the pub scene around Melbourne, but have scaled that back. I am currently looking for a literary agent for my novels and have had a handful of poems published. My favourite writers generally are European (Russian, French, Italian, German and Central Europe), but I do enjoy some of the Latin American and US writers that have come my way. A lot of my writing is inspired by travel, as travel gives you the chance to see something new, as well as reflect on your own place in the world and on the world itself. I did a short course in web page design/journalism in Bologna, Italy, in 2002, so I contribute articles regularly to a web site run by the regional government of Emilia-Romagna. This is a great way of reporting some of the cultural events in the Italian community here back to its country of origin. I have an Associate Diploma in Professional Writing and Editing from RMIT. I have worked in publishing since 1993 as an editor and proofreader. I have been freelancing since 1996, and have worked for over a dozen publishing companies, in Melbourne, Sydney and Singapore. I tend to work more in the academic field of publications, though the range of publications includes children’s books, biography, film, education and self help. I am a member of the Society of Editors and am listed in its freelance register.
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DescriptionThe INSCRIBE newspaper is a biannual community journal of writing by writers who live, work or study in the City of Darebin. Editorial team members are volunteers from Darebin’s writing community. Calls for submissions Copies of the newspaper are distributed around Darebin in cafes, libraries and other community hubs and online. If you'd like to submit your writing or illustrations for inclusion in the next issue see the website for details.
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DescriptionHave been involved with Span Writers and Darebin Writers Inc., Darebin Arts Centre (poetry reading), Vox Bandicoot. Street performances connected with Darebin Arts, etc. Published in anthologies for Artemis, etc. Poetry - street recitals, etc. Fiction. Non-fiction. Illustration for local publications. Radio work.
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DescriptionPainting in different media, sculpture, drawing, writing and capable of repairing damaged work.
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